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The New Influence (by Porter Novelli) [ENG]


Title: The New Influence
Type: White Paper
Author: Porter Novelli
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The explosion of social media and digital technology has created a whole new world of influence. You can “like” brands and products on Facebook and share them with your friends. You can look up what your friends and family wear on sites like TheFind and solicit on-the-spot feedback about a product or service from the masses before making a purchase. And mobile technology enables all of us to tap into these credible resources—the “opinion of people like me”—precisely at the moment of influence.

But how do marketers determine who has the influence that matters, and what do they do with that information? Is it possible to harness the power of our supercharged ability
to solicit and share opinions about products, services and brands? And can it be done authentically and credibly?
Quite simply, many marketers are asking themselves, “Who has the influence now? How do I find them, and how do I activate them to benefit my brand or company?”In this issue of Intelligent Dialogue, leading digital experts will answer these questions and more.

Download: New Influence PDF
Date: March 2011

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Trendrapport 2012 (by Adjiedj Bakas) [DUTCH]


Title: De Grote Stagnatie begint nu echt!
Type: Trendreport
Author: Adjiedj Bakas
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Trendwatcher Adjiedj Bakas maakt jaarlijks een rapport op over de trends van het komende jaar. Zo ook dit jaar, zo voorspelt Adjiedj voor 2012 er (eindelijk) concurrentie komt voor de iPad, het einde van online privacy, en benadrukt dat consumenten zich steeds bewuster zullen worden van hun digitale voetafdruk. Cloud computing zowel een zegen (data anytime, anywhere beschikbaar) als een vloek (afhankelijkheid, gevaar van misbruik).

Download: Trendrapport 2012
Date: November 2011

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Twitter Business Guide (by J.C Barré) [ENG]


Title: Twitter Business Guide
Type: White Paper
Author: Jean-Christophe Barré & Dr. Andreas Schroeter
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Twitter is one of the fastest-growing online social media. It is one of the top communication methods there currently is, with more people and businesses joining the network every day.100 million accounts created in 2010 and 25 billion Tweets sent. Signing up for a Twitter account means getting in touch with a potential 255 million users (March 2011). Most of the big names have an account. It has become an essential tool for online marketing and business communication.

This guide helps you start up your own Twitter account for Business, from scratch.

Download: Twitter Business Guide (Scribd)
Date: July 2011

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Digital Media Playbook (by Williams Helde) [ENG]


Title: Digital Media Playbook 2012 – (Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Digital Media
Type: White Paper
Author: Williams Helde
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The Digital Media Playbook covers the basics of digital marketing, including various platforms, media buying, targeting, tracking, and a look at what the future holds. And while it might sound like old news to some of you, I’m always amazed how many agency pros and clients still seem overwhelmed by it all.

Download: PDF
Date: November 2011

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