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Digital Britain: the truth about how we live today through technology (by Dare)


Title: Digital Britain
Type: Book
Author: Dare
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Men rule the web. Gaming’s for geeks. Women aren’t interested in tech. iTunes is the most popular music player. Those with the most followers on Twitter have the most
influence. The iPad is mostly used on the go. Right? Wrong. Our collective knowledge about how people live today through technology is so tangled up by satisfying yet shallow soundbites, lazy research and the biased rhetoric of specialists, it’s hard to know what people really do today.
How do they talk, watch, listen, read, play games, socialise, research and buy in today’s increasingly digital world? How does this differ between the sexes and generations? If your brand is going to connect with consumers in the digital age, you need better answers to questions like these.

This report is the start of that. By drawing together quality research from hundreds of different referenced sources it paints a picture of current media and technology consumption and how that might develop in the future. It should make you more knowledgeable. It should give you the arsenal to fight for strategies and creative solutions that go against tired convention. But it should also flag up when you’re in
danger of jumping on a bandwagon and wasting your precious marketing budget.

In short, this report should help you unpick the truth from the myth.

Download: Digital Britain
Date: March 2012

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The business of social: Social Media tracker 2012 (by UM)


Title: The Business of social
Type: Study report
Author: UM
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Starting in 2006, Wave is the world’s largest and longest-running study of the impact of social media on today’s global marketplace – making UM the most authoritative agency voice in the social media space.

Covering 62 countries and 43% of the worldwide internet population, Wave 6 – ‘The Business of Social’ – is the most ambitious and sophisticated instalment to date. It offers invaluable, and actionable insights as to how advertisers can bring commercial value to their business through social media strategies, at a time when the value of social media has never been more important to brands.

Download: Report on Dropbox
Date: 23 February 2012

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The company behind the brand: in reputation we trust (by Weber Shandwick)

reputation we trust

Title: In reputation we trust
Type: Research Report
Author: Weber Shandwick
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As consumers around the world have greater online access to a brand’s lineage, the influence of the brand “parent” or company behind the brand matters even more. In this uncertain climate, consumers expect more from leading companies and have no trouble boycotting those that fail to live up to new standards. At the same time, leaders need to know how to do business in an environment where consumers are not just purchasing their products or services on their own merits, but are also shopping by company reputation. The mounting convergence of brand and corporate reputation revealed in our study ushers in a new era of marketing communications.
As thought leaders in the reputation field, global public relations firm Weber Shandwick and its research arm, KRC Research, conducted an online survey among both consumers and executives to answer the frequently-raised question from corporate officers about how brand and reputation are evolving in this new see-thru, nowhere to hide world. The research aims to help marketing and communications executives adjust to what we foresee as a tectonic shift in communicating the voice of the “enterprise” to key stakeholders.

The research was conducted in October and November 2011 among 1,375 consumers (ages 18+) and 575 senior executives in companies with revenue of $500 million or more. Respondents were located in four key markets: two developed markets (the U.S. and U.K.) and two emerging markets (China and Brazil).

Download: InRepWeTrust.pdf
Date: January 2012

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Connected Europe: How Smartphones and Tablets are Shifting Media Consumption (by comScore) [English]

connected europe

Title: Connected Europe
Type: Study Report
Author: comScore
Opt-In: Yes

As illustrated in this report, today’s digital environment is rapidly evolving in Europe, driven by the proliferation of devices people use to consume content at home, at work and on-the-go. Not too long ago, European consumers depended solely on their desktop computer or laptop to connect to the internet. Today, a growing number of consumers are likely to access a variety of digital content across a multitude of devices on a daily basis.

Download: White Paper / Presentation
Date: January 2012 (DLD)

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The New Influence (by Porter Novelli) [ENG]


Title: The New Influence
Type: White Paper
Author: Porter Novelli
Opt-In: No

The explosion of social media and digital technology has created a whole new world of influence. You can “like” brands and products on Facebook and share them with your friends. You can look up what your friends and family wear on sites like TheFind and solicit on-the-spot feedback about a product or service from the masses before making a purchase. And mobile technology enables all of us to tap into these credible resources—the “opinion of people like me”—precisely at the moment of influence.

But how do marketers determine who has the influence that matters, and what do they do with that information? Is it possible to harness the power of our supercharged ability
to solicit and share opinions about products, services and brands? And can it be done authentically and credibly?
Quite simply, many marketers are asking themselves, “Who has the influence now? How do I find them, and how do I activate them to benefit my brand or company?”In this issue of Intelligent Dialogue, leading digital experts will answer these questions and more.

Download: New Influence PDF
Date: March 2011

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Digital Media Playbook (by Williams Helde) [ENG]


Title: Digital Media Playbook 2012 – (Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Digital Media
Type: White Paper
Author: Williams Helde
Opt-In: No

The Digital Media Playbook covers the basics of digital marketing, including various platforms, media buying, targeting, tracking, and a look at what the future holds. And while it might sound like old news to some of you, I’m always amazed how many agency pros and clients still seem overwhelmed by it all.

Download: PDF
Date: November 2011

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Always On Women (by Ad Age/JWT) [English]


Title: Always On Women: A Survey of how women are using technology today
Type: White paper
Author: Ad Age / JWT Intelligence
Opt-In: No

So many women are using digital and mobile tools it’s hard to target all of them. Here’s a look at the mobile warriors as well as the more casual,utilitarian users.

The top three must-have mobile phone functions for women: making calls, texting and taking pictures and videos, according to a survey we conducted earlier this year in partnership with Advertising Age. While the top two are no-brainers, it’s notable that women were more likely to cite the ability to take pictures and videos (37%) than accessing the Internet and emailing.

As the family chroniclers, women have long used cameras to capture memories—birthdays, graduations and other milestones. Now, a camera is always in her pocket, and as smartphone cameras get turbocharged, it can record quality images as well as video. As a result, women are capturing not only the big but the small: a son’s scowl on a car ride, a daughter’s ice cream-covered face. These micro-moments or micro-achievements, which were rarely chronicled before, are not only recorded but shared in real time via email, text, Facebook or, increasingly, a photo-sharing app. For brands, there’s opportunity to better embrace, encourage and leverage this behavior.

Download: Always On Women
Date: November 2011

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The always-connected traveller: How mobile will transform the future of air travel (by Amadeus) [English]


Title: The always-connected traveller: How mobile will transform the future of air travel
Type: Whitepaper
Author: Amadeus & Travel Tech
Opt-In: No

A new industry report, The always-connected traveller: How mobile will transform the future of air travel, identifies changing traveller attitudes to airline mobile services whilst also highlighting the specific, emerging mobile technologies that will revolutionise each stage of the travel experience in the future. These travel trends will impact the way travellers interact with the airline industry, as well as travel and tourism generally.

Developed by Norm Rose of Travel Tech Consulting Inc, the study includes an assessment of airlines technology and mobile capabilities today, the emerging mobile technology innovations that are likely to be launched over the next one to two years, and also the advanced functionality that is set to entirely change the traveller journey as we know it, over the next three to five years.

Download: The always connected traveller
Date: 2011

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Understanding consumers’ online path to purchase (by Google/Nielsen) [English]


Title: Beyond last click: Understanding your consumers’ online path to purchase
Type: whitepaper
Author: Google UK / Nielsen
Opt-In: No

The internet is a multi-billion pound industry in the UK, which accounted for 7.2% of the nation’s GDP in 2009. The UK leads the world in e-commerce as the country with the highest per capita spending online. [1]

As the growth of e-commerce remains unabated, we see that consumers are increasingly researching their purchases online.
Our new whitepaper conducted in conjunction with Nielsen, takes a detailed look at consumers’ path to purchase across multiple sectors. The study seeks to understand the length of research journeys, how shoppers are researching their purchases and how they are using search during their decision making process.

Here are some key findings from the study:

  • Research journeys are often lengthy and in some sectors, can last more than a month.
  • 1 in 3 conversions takes place 30 days after the initial research.
  • 70% of consumers who purchase use search.
  • Generic search terms play a key role in the research process. Shoppers who convert online are 19% more likely, on average, to search on generic terms than those who are just ‘window shopping’ or end up making their purchase offline.

Download: Google Clickstream Whitepaper
Date: August 2011

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Lifecycle Marketing (by Performable) [English]


Title: Why Lifecycle Marketing is the Future
Type: Whitepaper 
Author: Performable
Opt-In: Yes

In this white paper we describe how funnel-based marketing is currently broken, how lifecycle marketing addresses these shortcomings, and why we think it will be the way that marketing is done for the next decade.

Download: Why Lifecycle Marketing is the Future
Date: February 2011

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