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The Planner Survey 2011 (by Heather LeFevre) [English]


Title: The Planner Survey
Type: Survey report
Author: Heather LeFevre
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Welcome to the 7th annual Planning Survey Report.

This is the first year the survey has crossed over 2,000 respondents. The final tally was 2,113. Incredible.

This year we take a closer look at the younger planners with a special focus on students, interns and junior planners.

You are about to dive into the definitive source of information on planners and strategists around the world. But it wouldn’t exist without you answering the questions and my brilliant team of FIVE helpers. Please show them some love by following them all on Twitter.

Download: Report
Date: September 2011

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Social Media Around The World 2011 (by Insites Consulting) [English]


Title: Social Media Around The World 2011
Type: Study report
Author: Insites Consulting
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73% of European Internet users use social network sites. In total this is about 347 million people. Facebook is the most popular site with 62% users.16% of European Internet users use Twitter. The Eastern-European Vkontakte is in third place with a 12% adoption. LinkedIn is 4th with 11% penetration amongst European Internet users. Within Europe it is mainly Eastern and Southern Europe who obtain good scores with a higher adoption than the European average. Western Europe’s score is lower at 66% adoption. These are some remarkable conclusions from an InSites Consulting survey amongst more than 9,000 consumers in 35 countries.

Download: Report 2011
Date: September 2011

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The Social Media Report (by Nielsen) [English]


Title: State of the Media: The Social Media Report
Type: Analysis report
Author: Nielsen
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SOCIAL MEDIA’s popularity continues to grow, connecting people with just about everything they watch and buy. Whether it’s a brand icon inviting consumers to connect with a company on LinkedIn, a news ticker promoting an anchor’s Twitter handle or an advertise-ment asking a consumer to “Like” a product on Facebook, people are constantly being driven to social media.

The latest Nielsen insights provide some answers on exactly how powerful this influence is on consumer behavior, both online and off.In the U.S., social networks and blogs reach nearly 80 percent of active U.S. Internet users and represent the majority of Americans’ time online. The value of the time consumers spend online and on social networks and blogs continues to grow, most visible through the influence on purchase decisions. For instance, 60 percent of people who use three or more digital means of research for product purchases learned about a specific brand or retailer from a social networking site. Forty-eight percent of these consumers responded to a retailer’s offer posted on Facebook or Twitter.

As the influence of social media – and those using social media – continues to grow, it’s crucial for traditional media, retailers, brands and advertisers to understand how different consumer segments use and share content. Nielsen’s “State of the Media: The Social Media Report – Q3 2011” presents a snapshot of the current social media landscape and audiences in the U.S. and other major markets.

Download: Download PDF
Date: Q3 2011

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Social Commerce (by JWT) [English]


Title: Social Commerce Report
Type: Trend Research/Report
Author: JWT Intelligence
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Social networks are well-established, as is e-commerce, but it’s only now that we’re seeing the meshing of the two and a great deal of hype around the possibilities. Our July trend report charts how retailers and other brands are using the social graph to engage consumers wherever they may be—creating more personal, accessible experiences—and to amplify word-of-mouth.

“Social Commerce” examines three trends: the rise of Facebook commerce (retailers selling directly on Facebook), overlaying the social graph on e-commerce sites and introducing that social graph to the brick-and-mortar world. We look at what innovative retailers and others are doing in these areas, as well as what’s driving each trend and the significance and potential for marketers. The report also spotlights things to watch in Social Commerce, from apps that enable sharing while shopping to Facebook Credits.

For this report, we interviewed experts and influencers in research, technology and business, and conducted quantitative surveys in the U.S. and the U.K. using SONAR™, JWT’s proprietary online tool.

As brands experiment with social commerce in this rapidly advancing space, what’s clear is that there’s tremendous potential, especially when it comes to targeting Millennials. We’ll continue to spotlight how smart marketers are fine-tuning their strategies and how consumer attitudes and behaviors are evolving.

Download: Social Commerce (note: you might have to try a few times, I got a lot of server errors)
Date: July 2011

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TV & Video Consumer Trend Report 2011 (by Ericsson) [English]


Title: Highlights from the TV & Consumer Trend Report 2011
Type: Trend report/research
Author: Ericsson
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TV has been an integral part of people’s lives since the 1940s, providing consumers with news, information and entertainment. In other words, the medium has a long history of providing people with topics of conversation.
Today, TV is arguably more important than ever – at least, this is implied when you see what people are discussing online or look at traffic data for fixed and mobile networks. At the same time, TV is evolving. In addition to scheduled broadcast programs, we now have video on demand, internet TV, 3D TV and TV applications. Today’s TV experience is richer than ever before. This enhanced experience comes from improved image quality, more content and the explosion of social media. These factors have changed the way we consume TV. Ericsson became aware of this evolution early on. We have studied how people consume TV since 2004. The
2011 TV and Video Consumer Trend Report is based on both quantitative and qualitative research methods. More than 13,000 interviews, representing the opinions of 400 million consumers, were conducted in June–August 2011 in 13 countries: the US, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Russia, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Brazil and Australia. This quantitative approach was complemented by 22 in-depth, in-home interviews with families in three countries: Germany, Sweden and the US. This document outlines some of the highlights of our findings.

Download: Report
Date: September 2011

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11 Innovative Airlines (by [English]


Title: 11 Innovatie Airlines to keep an eye on in 2011
Type: Trend report
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At we are continuously on the lookout for innovative products and services launched by airlines around the world as a response to industry and consumer trends. Taking a cue from the famous line of sci-fi writer William Gibson that “the future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed,” we are kicking 2011 off with our take on the 11 most innovative airlines to keep an eye on in the coming year. Be it either to learn from, get inspired by, or even copy from, the 11 airlines we have selected provide an overview of what innovative products and services passengers are experiencing on airlines around the world.

Download: Innovative Airlines
Date: Early 2011

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