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Digital Marketing Outlook 2011 (by SoDA) [English]

Title: 2011 Digital Marketing Outlook
Type: Research report
Author: Society of Digital Agencies
Opt-In: No

Over 600 marketers, agencies, technologists and digital industry insiders have weighed in. Twenty four SoDA member agencies have provided thought-provoking articles and case studies. And a 14-person panel comprised of guest contributors and notable CMO advisors have provided their insights. The result: an invaluable planning resource for marketers and agencies in 2011.

The 2011 Digital Marketing Outlook (DMO) study conducted by SoDA and its research partner, AnswerLab, revealed significant information regarding budgets, hiring strategies and what marketers value the most. For example the study discovered that 80% of marketers plan to increase the volume of digital projects in 2011 with 43% planning to decrease traditional paid media investments.

Download: Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) 2011 Digital Marketing Outlook
Date: February 2011

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