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The Next Evolution: Store 3.0™ (By Deloitte)


Title: Store 3.0
Type: Survey Report
Author: Deloitte
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Traditional retailers are finding it harder to keep pace with evolving consumer attitudes and expectations — and may not have time to catch up. They have come to a crossroads where they need to rethink how they can transform their stores, strategies, and operating models into a store of tomorrow — a Store 3.0™ — to attract the loyalty and larger share of wallet of customers.

Deloitte conducted a survey in September 2011 of 39 retail executives to understand how they are adapting their brick-and-mortar stores to a next-generation format. The survey results show that few retailers are leading the transformation to a Store 3.0™ environment. Many are grappling with how to create a well-integrated future store strategy — one that is attuned to the needs and expectations of the evolving consumer, brings the right technology into the physical space, and can deliver a highly satisfying experience. Plus, retailers are unsure about the roles and responsibilities of their sales associates in this new environment.

We believe that retailers who combine the best of both retail worlds — the sensory experience of a brick-and-mortar store with convenient access to extensive online information — can gain the upper hand in an intensely competitive environment.

Download: Retail > Store 3.0
Date: January 2012

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Digital Media Playbook (by Williams Helde) [ENG]


Title: Digital Media Playbook 2012 – (Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Digital Media
Type: White Paper
Author: Williams Helde
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The Digital Media Playbook covers the basics of digital marketing, including various platforms, media buying, targeting, tracking, and a look at what the future holds. And while it might sound like old news to some of you, I’m always amazed how many agency pros and clients still seem overwhelmed by it all.

Download: PDF
Date: November 2011

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The Mobile Digital Consumer (by Insites/iab) [English]

Title: The Mobile Digital Consumer (Emerce eDay 2011)
Type: Survey report
Author: Insites Consulting / IAB
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IAB The Netherlands ordered this research performed by Insites Consulting to study online and mobile behavior and attitudes. The MC DC Report (Marketers & Consumers, Digital & Connected) is based on a survey amongst 9000+ internet users (15+) in 35 countries worldwide, with a focus on Europe but also a few BRIC countries and the US. This data therefore can be used as a basis for a vision on marketing in 2011 and beyond.

Download: Presentation
Date: September 2011

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Digital Marketing Outlook 2011 (by SoDA) [English]

Title: 2011 Digital Marketing Outlook
Type: Research report
Author: Society of Digital Agencies
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Over 600 marketers, agencies, technologists and digital industry insiders have weighed in. Twenty four SoDA member agencies have provided thought-provoking articles and case studies. And a 14-person panel comprised of guest contributors and notable CMO advisors have provided their insights. The result: an invaluable planning resource for marketers and agencies in 2011.

The 2011 Digital Marketing Outlook (DMO) study conducted by SoDA and its research partner, AnswerLab, revealed significant information regarding budgets, hiring strategies and what marketers value the most. For example the study discovered that 80% of marketers plan to increase the volume of digital projects in 2011 with 43% planning to decrease traditional paid media investments.

Download: Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) 2011 Digital Marketing Outlook
Date: February 2011

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The Razorfish digital brand experience report 2009 (by Razorfish)

Title: The Razorfish digital brand experience report 2009.
Company: Razorfish

“How do consumers engage with brands in an increasingly digital world? That’s the fundamental question we set out to answer with this year’s FEED report. FEED: Past, Present, and Future. This marks a significant shift in focus for our research. Our past studies have been almost exclusively concerned with charting how consumer behavior adapts to advances in Internet technology and web services. This still fascinates us, of course, but this year we are broadening our attention toward exploring how consumers interact with brands online. What does the future hold for brands when everything is just a click away? If consumers really are in control, what can we learn from their
interaction with brands today?”

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