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Connected Europe: How Smartphones and Tablets are Shifting Media Consumption (by comScore) [English]

connected europe

Title: Connected Europe
Type: Study Report
Author: comScore
Opt-In: Yes

As illustrated in this report, today’s digital environment is rapidly evolving in Europe, driven by the proliferation of devices people use to consume content at home, at work and on-the-go. Not too long ago, European consumers depended solely on their desktop computer or laptop to connect to the internet. Today, a growing number of consumers are likely to access a variety of digital content across a multitude of devices on a daily basis.

Download: White Paper / Presentation
Date: January 2012 (DLD)

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EU Internet access and use in 2010 (by Eurostat) [English]

Title: Internet access and use in 2010
Type: News release
Author: Eurostat
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80% of young internet users in the EU27 active on social media. Share of households with broadband connections has doubled since 2006

Download: Eurostat Newsrelease
Date: December 2010

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